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John Worsham: Music

A Perfect Fit

(John Worsham)
July 6, 2015
John Worsham

Please forgive my sense of fashion

It's too passé, I must admit

But it was clear to me the moment that I met you

That this could be a perfect fit


I'm not too trés chic, that's apparent

I can't tell suede from double knit

But I can tell when something finally feels right

Yes we could be a perfect fit



No need for any alterations

It's perfect right down to the cuff

We are so absolutely tailored for each other

I think it could be love

I think it could be love


Your old boyfriends are so last year

Besides, they never would commit

But I'm so lucky that they left you on the hanger

Because we are a perfect fit   (Break)


We could be all the rage of Paris

And in Milan we'd be a hit

But for now I'm happy being here with you

It doesn't bother me a bit

Because we are the perfect fit

You know we are the perfect fit