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John Worsham: Music

She deserves the best

(John Worsham)
July 6, 2015
John Worsham

Old friend of mine called me on the phone

Asking me to go out, and leave the wife at home

Said it'll be like all the old times, hanging with the guys

Flirting with the waitress - telling lots of lies

I said I'd rather spend my night with someone I don't need to impress

Yes I could hang out with the boys, but she deserves the best



She deserves the best that I can be

Because of all the love she gave to me

She deserves a heart that's always true

Someone who will always see her through

She deserves a man she can believe

Someone who she knows will never leave

Yes I could be like all the rest, but she deserves the best


A girl I once knew, was trying to track me down

Said she wanted to see me next time she came to town

Said we'd have some laughs and memories over a drink or two

In our favorite cafe - it would be like déjà vu

Although it sounds like it would be a real good time, I have to confess

I truly love my wife, and she deserves the best


When you really love someone, you give it all you've got 

You don't even think about it twice

You want her to be happy and always feel secure

It never is a sacrifice


I’m not ashamed to say I'm blessed - she deserves the bes