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John Worsham: Music

She Knows

(John Worsham)
July 6, 2015
John Worsham

You think you've got a secret that no one else will know

You've been with somebody, and you hope it doesn’t show

You say you've got to work late, or some other lame excuse

So she says she'll see you later, and suffers your abuse

And you feel a rush inside thinking you just got away

But she knows what you're doing, although she'll never say


1st Chorus:

She knows if you don't want her anymore

When you forget to say, "I love you", as you're walking out the door

She knows though you try to hide it well

She can always tell - She knows


You find yourself pretending that everything's the same

But you can't hide your feelings - you can't hide your shame

She notices you're spending too much time away from home 

And she can never reach you when you won't pick up the phone

And she's waiting every evening, but you're too unaware

She has so much to tell you, but you're never there


2nd Chorus:

She knows - She can feel it in your kiss

There's someone else you're wanting - Someone else you miss

She knows when you're drowning in your lies

She sees it in your eyes - She knows



One day, you may realize how big a fool you've been

Don’t wait till it’s too late.  Just ask her to forgive you

And take you back again


3rd Chorus:

She knows more than anybody else

She even knows you better than you think you know yourself

She knows, and she hopes you'll change your mind

You're not the cheating kind - She's the best you'll ever find

The woman isn't blind - She knows