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John Worsham: Videos

Christmas this year

(John Worsham)
December 10, 2014
John Worsham

When my son woke up this morning, the first thing that he asked

Was what would Grandpa do for Christmas now that he had passed

I said Grandpa was lucky, even though he wasn’t here

He’s with Jesus on Christmas this year


At first he seemed bewildered, as if he didn’t know

The reason for the season isn’t toys and lights and snow.

It’s about a birth in Bethlehem that makes each Christmas dear

And they’re together on Christmas this year


Lighting candles and hanging of the green

But the Christmas story means more than anything


I told my son my Father would be proud as he could be

To see us celebrate the birth of the one who made us free

But know his proudest moment is in heaven standing near

The one who makes it Christmas every year.


So if your Christmas table has one missing chair

Be thinking of the ones there with you than the one who isn’t there

Remember all those happy times, but never she a tear

Be happy they’re with Jesus, their love will never leave us

Be happy they’re with Jesus this year.