1. Lorraine

From the recording Lorraine


Every Friday evening of every week of the year
I used to go down to Gino's, just about a mile from here
Walked in the front door - headed up to the bar
Tried to get a little Irish courage -  whiskey from a jar
She'd throw down a coaster, and say "What will it be?"
Before I knew what happened, She'd already served me three
Lorraine, Lorraine, who's gonna ease my pain?
Who's gonna over-pour till I'm on the floor from that liquid Novocain?
Lorraine, Lorraine, I really should abstain,
But before I go, I'm gonna have one mo' in mem'ry of
Miss Lorraine
All the old guys knew her, and said that she was fun
And such a pretty little thing way back when she was young
Until she met that fella who made her walk down the aisle
And left her high and dry, making her cry, taking away her smile
Leaving her with five kids she had to raise all alone
It was one big mountain to climb, but she did it all on her own (Chorus)
Somewhere up in heaven, where nobody says,"Last Call",
She's probably laughing and dancing and having herself a ball
One day we're gonna see her waiting at the pearly gate
Saying, "What's up, buttercup?  Where ya been?  You're late?!"
Last Chorus:
Lorraine, Lorraine, Who’s gonna know my name?
Who’s gonna have to think when they make my drink,
And not give me a Hurricane?