From the recording Old man at the bar


Last night at my favorite place to be
There was a pretty girl who I thought was looking at me
But the guy behind me was who she was trying to see
Not this old man at the bar
I used to laugh at all those middle-aged guys
Who used to hang out trying to womanize
But perhaps I was too quick to criticize
Cause now I'm that old man at the bar
When I was young, I was such a handsome lad
But I didn't have a penny to my name
Now I’m so much older and I’m looking so bad
I got all this money, but no women – It’s such a shame
Back in the day I used to try too hard
Chasing girls up and down the boulevard
When all I needed was a platinum credit card
I'm just an old man at the bar  (verse lead & chorus)
Feel like a dusty old book up on a shelf
Not loved or cared for by anyone else
So if you need me, I'll be all by myself
Hiding somewhere in the dark,
Just an old man at the bar