From the recording When we meet again


Today I read the letter you sent not long ago
And somehow made it through each painful word
Although you were so young and there was much you didn't know
About all of those fights you overheard
It said you felt that someone else was much more like your Dad
Than I was or could ever hope to be
And though it hurts to hear it, I gave it all I had
And made a few mistakes I must agree
But when we meet again, and you're ready to see
That the Dad I was then was not the Dad I could be
And when years go by and we're both different men
We might even be friends, when we meet again
When you were born, it felt like every wish I had came true
And I cried when I first held your little hand
And I should have held it longer and watched you as you grew
But life doesn't always go the way we've planned
But when we meet again, and you're ready to know
Why it came to an end such a long time ago
And then we’ll talk it through, and let the healing begin
We'll both make amends, when we meet again
I'll be waiting for a call that may never come 
But I'll still keep on waiting
It doesn't matter at all – you’re still my son
There’s no separating
When we meet again, and you're ready to hear
That I have always been hoping you'd reappear
Once we've said our regrets, all our feelings will mend
We won't have to pretend, and we might even be friends,
When we meet again