From the recording Our Little Girl


Born on a cold and dark November day only 16 years ago
We loved you more than all our words could say and more than we could ever show
We’ve watched you grow up right before our eyes
Into this pretty girl we hardly recognize
So please forgive us - we apologize, but there is something you should know

You hold our dreams, you hold our plans, you hold our future all in your hands
And no matter what you become in this world, you’ll always be our little girl

We’ve seen you go from dolls and skinned up knees to young men waiting at the door
And if we ever seemed to be displeased, it doesn’t matter anymore
And it makes us happy when we hear you say
All the things we taught you all along the way
You’re always in our thoughts each time we pray, ‘cause you are who we’re praying for

And someday when you have a daughter or two
You can tell them everything I’m telling you
Just let them know there’s nothing you wouldn’t do to show them that you love them so