From the recording Who do you trust?


Got a friend I know – Got three kids and a wife
Got a real good job - Got a real good life
One day he decided to give it all up – make a new plan
Ran off with a woman he hardly knew
His wife felt so helpless – didn’t even have a clue
Said, “How can you live that long with someone,
And never know the man?”
As darkness falls on a world filled with ashes and dust,
Only one last question to answer – Who do you trust?

Who do you trust? Tell me, who do you trust?
When it all comes down in the end, tell me
Who do you trust?

See it in the movies – hear it on the radio
Watch it all over the TV – they tell you what they want you to know
They spin it any old way that they can
So it will say what they want it to
Listen to the politicians – hear it from the heads of state
When the world is crumbling down,
They’ll tell you everything is great
They’d rather kill themselves than ever have to tell the truth to you

You can’t believe what you hear and only half of what you see
The only one that you can trust is the one who made you and me
You and me (Chorus)