From the recording A Friend Like You


Looking through letters and photographs of yesterday,
I found myself suddenly thinking of things you used to say.
And as I started smiling, a tear ran down my face
Cause I couldn’t stop from thinking that no one could take your place.
Who will I talk to?  Who’ll understand? 
Who’ll listen to my problems like only you can?
Who will I turn to?  Who’ll see me through?
How can I live without a friend like you?
To all of the friends and the family you left behind,
No one was ever so generous and so kind.
And the secrets that I told you no one else would ever know
And I catch myself still looking for you everywhere I go    (Chorus)
Well if old men still have visions that young men dream to see,
Then rest assured that all of your dreams are still alive in me.  (Chorus)
How can I live without a friend, someone to see me to the end,
How can I live without a friend like you?