1. Birth of Sin

From the recording Birth of Sin


In accordance with his plan, God took some dirt and he made a man.
With this, creation was to end, for Adam was to be his friend.
But Adam was not satisfied, so Eve was made to be his bride.
To share his problems and his joys, and be the mother of his boys.
And thus they did each other please,
“Till Eve went shopping in the trees.
She wished some applesauce to make,
And got those apples from a snake.
When Adam came that night to tea,
Eve said, “Here’s some applesauce for thee!”
She’d made it very nice and sweet, so Adam took it and did eat.
And just as other merchants will, the snake at last came with his bill.
And then he said, “To make me whole,
I’ll take a mortgage on your soul.”
And thus a mortgage Adam gives
On every soul that ever lives.
And when that mortgage was arranged,
How quickly everything was changed.
Disease and sickness, grief and pain, shadow, sorrow, drought and rain
Discord, murder, every sin – were by this mortgage ushered in.
How little Adam must have thought of all the suffering he had wrought
Upon himself and others too, by doing as he chose to do
And so it was – the birth of sin – will be forever as it’s always been.
Until the scripture was fulfilled, when Jesus came and paid that bill.