From the recording He Knows What's Best for Me


What I want and what I need are two very different things
And what the good Lord gives to me lies somewhere in between
I can pray all night and day for what I wish to be,
But when it comes to answered prayers, he knows what’s best for me.
He knows what’s best for me, better than I know myself
He knows what’s best for me, why should I listen to anyone else?
Someday still, I hope I will be the man that I should be
‘Till that time, I know that I’m gonna get what’s best for me.
Now I may wish for worldly things like a mansion on a hill,
Fancy cars and diamond rings, but is may not be his will.
If He decides I should reside on a boat out on the sea,
And be a fisher of men to wherever he sends, He knows what’s best for me.